Church of the Archangel Michael on the Marsh

The Church of St. Michael in Črna vas was designed and built between 1937 and 1940. He designed the church with the staircase with a floor plan in the shape of the letter T for his nephew. The exterior of the bell tower is built of stone and brick; parts of façades are laden with stone and wood. In front of the bell tower and the church is a wide concrete staircase, which leads through the triumphant arch opening to the sanctuary on the first floor. On the ground floor under the church are the living quarters for the priest. The bearing capacity of the soil is weak, so the church had to be built on 350 eight-meter long piles. Plečnik decorated its interior in an original manner but at the same time, with a feeling for a folk architecture. His creations such as an altar in the shape of a closet and a beautiful wall clock are very original.

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