Public transport


The city passenger transport system has 28 city (day-time and night-time) lines. At each major station sign displaying the arrival time of the bus. There are also APPs and internet site where you can check at what time the bus arrives to the specific station.

To ride the buses, you must first purchase an Urbana card. These can be bought at self-service stations ("Urbanomat") found at the larger bus stops across the city, LPP sales sites, Tourist Information Centers and newspaper agents for €2 and need to be loaded with an amount ranging from €1 to €50.

It is only possible to enter the bus through the front door next to the driver, cost per journey is €1.20. The ride must be paid immediately after entering the bus, by validating the card. There are two card readers (validators) on every bus. To validate the card, the user touches the validator with their card close to the image of a hand holding a card. The card must be validated upon every entry to a bus, even when switching buses. Free tickets must also be validated.

If you switch buses within 90 minutes, touch the validator with the Urbana card and the system will only record the ride. The word PRESTOP (switch) appears on the validator screen. The card balance appears on the screen and no amount is deducted from the card.

Note that controllers inspect the card and give punishment up to 40 € if the card is not validated!!

Single city card – URBANA

The Urbana single city card is a no-contact smart card, allowing quick and convenient cash-free payment for rides on Ljubljana city buses. The Urbana card can also be used to pay for cable-car rides to the Ljubljana Castle, parking fees for white zones and parking lots managed by Javno podjetje Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice as well as the services of the Ljubljana City Library. In the future, the Urbana card will also enable payment of entrance fees for museums, sports institutions and cultural events.

The most outstanding changes Urbana has introduced relate to payment for city passenger transport services. Along with this card, a modern electronic payment system has been introduced, enabling free-of-charge switching of buses within 90 minutes from the time the first ride is paid for.

Ljubljana is one of the first cities in Europe to introduce uniform payments for city services. Our aim is to make the everyday errands of the people of Ljubljana simpler, cheaper, more user-friendly and convenient.


Price of a ride (including a 90-minute bus switching period), using Urbana cards  
- 1 sector 1.20
- 2 sectors 1.60
- 3 sectors 2.50
One ride with use of a mobile phone and the Moneta application  
- 1 sector 1.20
- 2 sectors 1.60
- 3 sectors 2.50
Monthly tickets (using the Urbana time card):  
- school (sectors 1, 2, 3) 20.00
- general 1 37.00
- general 2 49.00
- general 3 63.00
- pensioners' 1 20.00
- pensioners' 2 40.00
- pensioners' 3 60.00
- with a discount for the unemployed 17.00
- monthly transferable 42.50
- annual transferable 420.00
Urbana card (electronic medium) 2.00
Children up to the age of six years travel free of charge. -
Transport of personal luggage, prams, dogs and other pets is free of charge.