Travel to Ljubljana


We have gathered together the most important information for you, to help make your travel around Slovenia as smooth and relaxing as possible. There should be no difficulties in travelling around Slovenia, as it is very simple to do, even if you are from another country and speak no Slovene. A large proportion of the population also speak other foreign languages.

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik airport, commonly known as Brnik is located 26km northwest of the capital city Ljubljana. There's free Wi-Fi, a buffet-style restaurant, a couple cafés, a bank (with ATM) and currency exchange office (open 07:00 - 19:00) and a post office (open 08:00 - 18:00, Sat 07:00-12:00, Sun closed).

From the airport the cheapest way are regular public buses (€4.10, 50 min) to the main Ljubljana bus and train stations, located next to each other in the city center. Tickets are bought from the driver, for detailed timetables and contacts check the airport’s website for a complete schedule (

Taxis are available to passengers directly in front of the airport building, but a metered taxi from the airport to the centre will cost you about €30-40. Cheaper are taxis that are prebooked (20 €).

Other option is a shuttle ride available on demand (from 8 € up to 22 € or more).

At the Ljubljana airport you can rent a car at one of the Rent-a-Car service providers who will be happy to provide any additional information regarding their offers.

The Ljubljana bus and train stations are located next to each other at Trg Osvobodilne fronte (Trg means square in Slovenian). The two stations are located just north of the city center and a short walk from most hotels and attractions. The train station has a tourist information center, currency exchange, and left-luggage service.

Ljubljana is the hub of Slovenia's rail system. Local trains run throughout the country - no point in Slovenia is more than 3 hours away. The fastest train is ICS (InterCitySlovenija) which runs from Koper to Maribor via Ljubljana (the most expensive). Local trains, such as LP or RG stop at every station (the cheapest).

Taxis are available to passengers directly in front of the train station building. Befor entering unless you're in a hurry, always order a taxi by phone! While taxis ordered by phone are cheap, those waiting on the street will usually charge more, and you can end up paying €25 for a short ride! Taxi Laguna (080 11 17), Taxi Metro (080 11 90) are the cheapest. These are free numbers (all numbers starting with 080 are free in Slovenia), so you can use a phone booth to make a free call.

Ljubljana bus station is right next to the train station and has services throughout Slovenia, as well as to foreign countries. The station has several useful schedule search engines (also in English) for working out connections. Generally speaking, a bus can take you almost anywhere in Slovenia within a few hours.

Driving to Ljubljana is a joy due to the good roads and excellent signposting. The city is circled by a ring road from where it’s easy to get to the centre. Simply follow the parking signs for convenient places to leave your car near the city centre. Once in the city, it’s best to walk the short distances rather than drive through the heavy traffic and narrow street. Also, if you’re staying in Old
Ljubljana be aware that it is largely a pedestrian only zone. But no worry there is a lot of other public transports that can get you around Ljubljana.

Very important : We want to remind local and foreign motorists that the use of a vignette is mandatory on Slovene motorways and expressways and that the 2014 vignette saw the introduction of a new toll-rate category (2B) for all vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes measuring more than 1.30 metres above the front axle. Regardless of their height above the front axle, all camping vehicles (motorhomes) still require the cheaper vignette (2A).

Parking spaces are available in Ljubljana, but also payable. In recent years, they have built several parking garages in different parts of Ljubljana, here are some well known:

  • Kongresni trg: Garage Congress Square is located in the center of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and the road. Import and export in the parking garage is decorated in the Slovenian roads and Šubičeva road, park under the stars.
    In the garage Congress Square can be parked in the five floors. To pay parking fees are set 3 automatic cash at the entrances and exits for pedestrians. The parking garage is equipped with video surveillance.
  • Tivoli: Parking is located in the town's central park Tivoli, where they placed sports facilities. The parking lots are located near the hotel Lev and Union Brewery. On the import into the Tivoli Gardens, from of the street, the parking lot is located on the left side.
    Parking is equipped with an automatic entry-exit system.
  • Dolgi most (P+R): They are classified as P + R (park and ride) parking facilities which means that users can leave their vehicles parked for the entire day, while the parking fee includes two rides with the LPP city bus line. Number 6 will get you to the city center. Parking is payed by cash, Moneta, or Urbana card.
  • Kapitelj: The garage is only 100m or so from the famous Dragon Bridge and Tržnica market. While there are only 261 spaces, you can normally find a free one.

All other informations and garages on this link: