Ljubljana Card


Ljubljana Card is a combined ticket to Ljubljana’s major sights enabling visitors to explore the city in a comfortable way and at the lowest cost. It is conceived as a smart card containing a RFID chip for card validation and free admission.

You can purchase your Ljubljana Card at Ljubljana’s Tourist Information Centres, hotels or right here, at 10% discount.

Card validity

The card validity period (24, 48 or 72 hours) begins to run from the moment when the card is activated, i.e. used for the first time.

Card use

On entering an establishment, hand over your card to the ticket salesperson to be swiped. Upon boarding a city bus, hold your card close to the card reader. Card benefits are limited to one ticket purchase from a single establishment, while on buses the use of the card is unlimited within the card validity period. No benefits can be claimed after the expiration of the card validity period.

Card prices

Online price Regular price
24-hour card € 20.70 €23.00
48-hour card €27.00 €30.00
72-hour card €31.50 €35.00
Children aged 6–14 years
24-hour card €12.60 €14.00
48-hour card €16.20 €18.00
72-hour card €18.90 €21.00

Additional information

Download the Ljubljana Tourist Card information brochure (PDF, 12.9 MB).


Using the Ljubljana Card, you can save you up to €80 on expenses such as entrance fees and public transport fares. The card makes your sightseeing a lot easier: rather than making multiple payments, you simply show your card.

The Ljubljana Card offers you the following benefits:

  • free admission to 15 museums and galleries, the Ljubljana Zoo and several other attractions,
  • a free guided city tour and free hire of a digital tour guide, which enables you to get to know Ljubljana on your own,
  • free travel on city buses, unlimited during the card validity period,
  • 24-hour access to WiFree Ljubljana, the city’s wireless internet network,
  • a funicular and a tourist road train ride to Ljubljana Castle, a tourist boat cruise, and four-hour bicycle hire – all for free,
  • free internet access at the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre (STIC).

Savings chart

Sights, tours, services Price for adults Price for children aged 6–14 years With Ljubljana Card
City buses – return fare* €2.40 €2.40 €0.00
Ljubljana Bike – four-hour hire period €4.00 €4.00 €0.00
Turist road train €4,00 €3,00 €0.00
Turist boat €8.00 €4.00 €0.00
Regularly scheduled city tour €10.00 €5.00 €0.00
Digital tour guide – five-hour hire period €10.00 €10.00 €0.00
Internet access at the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre – one hour €2.00 €2.00 €0.00
National Gallery €7.00 €6.00 €0.00
International Centre of Graphic Arts €3.50 €1.20 €0.00
City Museum of Ljubljana €6.00 €4.00 €0.00
City Art Museum of Ljubljana €0.00 €0.00 €0.00
Museum of Modern Art €5.00 €2.50 €0.00
Jakopič Gallery €3.00 €2.00 €0.00
Slovene Ethnographic Museum €4.50 €2.50 €0.00
National Museum of Slovenia €6.00 €4.00 €0.00
National Museum of Slovenia – Metelkova €6.00 €4.00 €0.00
National Museum of Contemporary History €3.50 €2.50 €0.00
Slovenian Museum of Natural History €3.00 €2.50 €0.00
Tehnical Museum of Slovenia – Bistra €4.00 €3.00 €0.00
Tehnical Museum of Slovenia – Polhov Gradec €2.00 €2.00 €0.00
Railway Museum €3.50 €2.50 €0.00
Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljana Castle funicular, Virtual Castle, Outlook Tower, permanent exhibition Slovenian History) €8.00 €4.00 €0.00
Ljubljana Zoo €7.50 €5.00 €0.00
Volčji Potok Arboretum €5.50 €3.00 €0.00
Total ** €118.40 €82.10 €0.00

* During the card validity period, Ljubljana Card entitles you to unlimited free travel on city buses, operated by the company Ljubljanski potniški promet (LPP). The price of a return fare is for your information only.

** The total is the sum of all admission fees. To calculate the actual savings on the cost of your planned visit to Ljubljana, add together the amounts of savings that you are actually going to take advantage of and then subtract the price of the Ljubljana Card from the sum.